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Stripper Gets Fooled Into Sucking Off Fake Undercover Cops

Clip From Blow Patrol

After our car got smashed up we had to resort to scamming sluts in a hotel room instead of in the car while we wait for it to get fixed. Fortunately it takes more than that to put a crimp in our game. We hired a stripper and even though she was late with her tight body and gorgeous face she was worth the wait. We asked her how much she'd charge to suck cock or put out and then told her we were undercover cops and that she was busted - of course, we offered her the option of sucking our cock rather than going to jail. Like a real champ she sucked up the 'unfairness' of the situation and got down on her knees to put a little slobber on the knobber while the camera rolled. After we dumped a load all over her sweet little face we shoved her out into the hall - all jizzed up and half naked. Oh yeah!

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